Have you often seen those beautiful pictures with gardens that look like a dream? What do you think, could you do it with your garden? Or maybe somebody can do who has been studying for ages to be able to create such beauty?

Well, this is all called garden design, and yes, normally, those who create such masterpieces, study for that. However, with the pictures from the web, you can get an idea of what you want to make, and some easy tips will help you to make your idea a reality. You can buy my essay or just read it, but just remember the main keywords that designers use for their work:

  • Variety
  • Contrast
  • Focal points

Based on these main concepts, the tips for the gardening design are based. However, whatever you do, remember one main thing: a garden is a piece of beauty and a hard job. So, here we go with tips for your garden.

Provide a Variety of Colors

That is simple. You know for sure that there are different colors and of different sizes. Combine them, so that they bring joy with their rainbow majesty. How to combine them? Come on, flowers can be combined in any way you like.

If you don’t have ideas of how to arrange your garden, why not have a look at the gardens of your friends? Maybe, they will allow taking photos. But even if not, the internet is there for you, with plenty of ideas for any kind of garden.

Weeds Don’t Make Your Garden More Beautiful

You may not have time to do it regularly, but if they seed, you will have many more problems. If you can’t remove weeds for some reason, it is a good idea to hire somebody to do it, to protect your garden and to save you plenty of time and efforts in the future. By the way, you can use decorative gravel to prevent weeds from growing. Moreover, it looks really nice!

Select a Theme for Your Colors Arrangement

Just look at your garden. Do you already have some plants there? If yes, which colors can you add to make them look fresher and more beautiful? Also, planting a bunch of flowers makes always a better effect than planting just a single flower. Surround the flowers theme with a contrasting color. That can be anything: more flowers, colored gravel, some nice decoration. You will see how the scenery will change then.

Do You Like Containers?

They can make a simple and a beautiful decoration, just arrange them properly. Take similar containers in different sizes and arrange them with the same flowers. You can repeat the arrangement, you can make it variable. Just keep the flowers the same. You will see how it looks – fresh and original.

Garden Decor?

Some nice details like artificial birds, butterflies, some mushrooms or other things that you saw somewhere and loved are just beautiful. Moreover, they can hide those imperfections which you cannot remove, for one or another reason.

Special Containers

Do you have special flower pots or containers that nobody else has? Maybe somebody made them customized for you? Or you have found one somewhere in the market and loved it so much? Why not use them to make your garden unique? Just make sure they look properly and are clean.


Your garden is an amazing place where you can do whatever you can imagine. Amazing flowers and flower combinations, different trees and bushes, herbs – everything is up to you. Also, only you know how you want to combine them to make the perfect place for you. Are you still convinced that a small garden doesn’t allow many options?

Come on, use containers, different levels, be as creative as you can. And, of course, use the internet to check the ideas of the greatest designers. Maybe one will work for your garden, as well. And remember: whatever you do, gardening is a hard and continuous job.