In a world where people are reliant on the internet for almost everything, it’s so easy to take anything printed for granted nowadays. Even the offices of different businesses have long been implementing paperless operations unless, of course, hard copies of very important documents need to be physically signed.

While the idea of going paperless is noble, one crucial component of printing cannot be ignored—the content that’s printed. Despite the fact that it has long been a target to minimize this side of the business, it still remains a powerful method of getting a message across.

This is especially true if you’re into digital printing. Below are some of the ways these can help your business prosper.

They Can Reach Large Audiences

Despite the advances in technologies where almost all communications go through the internet nowadays, you would be glad to know that 85% of all the consumers still check their mailboxes daily. Out of these, 40% are persuaded to check out new businesses.

So, notwithstanding the decline in the number of people using print media, it is still one of the trusted media when it comes to marketing campaigns. Given these statistics, it remains effective in terms of reach-conversion ratio.

It is also important to note that there is still about 10% of the American population that doesn’t use the internet. This, when combined with those who access the internet but prefer the print ads, makes a good number of audience share.

They Tend to Show More Unforgettable Products

How many times do you get advertisements on a daily basis just by opening your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or YouTube accounts? Your usual instinct is to just skip those and go directly to what you came there for.

It’s an entirely different story when you receive a well-crafted, almost personalized lithographic and digital print snail mail from a business. Although a big part of you may want to just discard it, for some reason, it is not so easy to do that.

It’s perhaps because these kinds of promotional materials make a stronger impression through

the logos and the way they were actually designed. Another factor is the fact that since they are tangible, it makes them easier to remember than those online ads that you only see in passing.

They Encourage Loyalty To The Brand

When you own a business, you would most likely be concerned about introducing your products or services to new customers. But have you taken some time to check whether those you were able to convince to try your brand would still continue to be your loyal customers? You have to remember that customers are equally valuable, whether they are new or old.

Using print materials can be a powerful tool to retain customer loyalty. One way is through the distribution of loyalty cards where a customer is given a discount after several purchases. Another is through cashback cards where a loyal customer gets points for every purchase, and these points can be used to purchase products from your store or to get freebies instead.

You can also provide your customers leaflets or flyers containing your current in-store promotions, or as a way to introduce new products that are available. Providing these kinds of services lets your customers know that they matter.

They Generate Very High Expense-To-Sales Ratio

While print media can pale in comparison to other forms of media campaigns in terms of audience reach, you can’t discount the fact that they are still one of the most effective. In fact, print advertising campaigns still generate one of the highest sales per dollar spent.

These numbers are applicable across all industries. So, no matter what products or services you offer or what type of business you operate, the results would be the same.

They Are Beneficial To Local Businesses

The choice between having online digital ads versus the printed ones boils down to whether you operate on a national and international level, as opposed to a local level. This will significantly affect the strategies you will employ in improving your business, whether online or offline.

If your target market is just confined to the four corners of your city or county, it makes sense to go old school. Why would you even consider paying for an online advertisement when you aren’t even sure if a good portion of your community uses the internet?

When you are operating a local business, you are more likely to be drawn to just distributing flyers around the community rather than posting online advertisements. Your neighborhood might appreciate it more to know about your company by reading something tangible, especially if your business is just around the block.

Parting Words

Whoever says that print media is going to face its demise anytime soon couldn’t be more wrong. This is said primarily because of the advent of online marketing, which offers convenience and cost-effectiveness. Obviously, they fail to see that, in fact, both online and offline campaigns can co-exist and be successful, as evidenced by the considerations above.

To know more about the different marketing strategies, the 15 different SEO bloggers can help you with everything about online marketing. You can then decide which one will work better for your advertising needs, but perhaps a combination of both would be perfect.