We tend to find inspiration from common sources. Creating a mood board, looking at others’ designs, going back to nature and other common activities can help designers find ideas and be more creative. These are tried and tested methods that work for most and in many situations.

Aside from these methods, however, there are other ways you can hack your creativity. Here are some of the methods you can try to get started.

Get Started

A lot of designers – including myself – are used to brainstorming ideas and developing it to a relatively mature stage before getting started. While this approach may work when you’re in a particularly good mood and have ideas flowing, it often results in a creative block when the circumstances are less than ideal

There is a simple way to get around this issue: simply get started. There is no need to worry about ideas or goals. Start somewhere and work on a lot of pieces that you may end up not using. The approach can work with every genre of creative work too. If you’re designing a website, for instance, start with wireframes and design sketches.

After a few tries, the mind will start to pick up elements that you really want; elements that work well for the creative work you’re trying to complete. The act of working on random – bad – designs will help your brain get the stimulations it needs to come up with a design that works. After a few tries, you should end up with a draft you can build on.


Another way to hack the creative side of your brain is by improving yourself as a whole. Practice on your self-awareness, take courses to develop your leadership skills and explore other opportunities to grow. Some creative workers are even taking the time to go back to school and pursuing a degree they have always wanted, in order to grow creatively.

The last approach is actually easier to do than you think. Thanks to top names such as Bradley University, you can now pursue various degrees from an MSN administration degree to a master’s in business online. These online courses, while not related to creative work and design directly, can help you acquire new, useful skills.

The online MSN nursing administration program, for instance, will teach you how to be more empathetic, allow you to acquire better communication skills, and even give you the opportunity to grow as a person.

Let Go and Do Nothing

Last, but certainly not least, a good way to hack creativity is by doing nothing. Don’t watch movies or look at design inspirations. Don’t even listen to music. Simply sit or lie down and do absolutely nothing. The mind works in a peculiar way when you have nothing to do. Let it roam free and you’ll find a lot of brilliant ideas you can act on before you know it.

These approaches may seem unusual, but they work brilliantly in hacking the creative side of your brain. Give them a try and you’ll be surprised by how effective they can be.