There are so many options to market your business, but the one that has stood the test of time is email marketing. Done well, it can see your business flourish and increase brand awareness as well as sales. Done badly, it can turn consumers away from your product. Here’s how you can beat the most common email marketing challenges.

Increasing sales

The end goal of any email marketing campaign is to increase sales. Email is 40 times more successful at acquiring new customers than other newer platforms such as Facebook and Twitter. By using marketing automation tools to segment the data collated from your sign-up form and third-party apps such as Shopify, you can personalize your emails, and you are able to create relevant customer journeys turning them from recipients of an email into loyal, brand consumers. 52% of marketers said in a survey by Campaign Monitor, that acquiring new customers was their number one goal.

Retaining your customers

When it comes to your product, the choices open to your customer are increasing, but their attention span is decreasing. You must make an impact to retain your customers. 40% of marketers, said that retaining customers was their number one goal. Retaining customers is far cheaper than seeking out new ones. The key to keeping your customers loyal to you is by providing them with relevant and targeted information that appeals to their likes, interests and demographic. You need to keep them engaged by using segmentation and personalizing the email content.

Improving email content

Emails that are personalized are 26% more likely to be opened, and this leads to a 760% increase in revenue acquired through email. The figures speak for themselves. It is not only the content that needs to be tailored to be relevant, but the subject line too – you need to get personal. The harvested data that you have is a mine for collecting inspiration for the content of your email: send out birthday offers as a minimum, make the content fun too. By doing so, you will engage your customers and reduce the risk of your email being deleted or being marked as spam.