The growth in digital technology has infiltrated the home in a massive way. A few years ago, a “smart home” was something most of us had never heard of. Now, there are many ways to add smart functionality to the home. While some smart systems are expensive and require you to make big changes, others are cheap and easy. So, whatever your budget, you will be able to make your home smarter. Here are some of the best.


Controls for your windows, like these from Teal Products, are such a simple addition to your home. But, they will make your life much easier, especially if you are getting older or have high up windows that are hard to open.


Have you ever struggled to find space for your keys when you’re going out? Forgotten what pocket of your bag they are in? Or even left them behind? A smart lock means you can open your doors using an app on your phone or an electronic fob so you don’t need to carry keys at all. Smart locks are also safer and harder to break into.


A video doorbell is a great way to add an extra layer of security to your home. When someone rings your bell, you’ll be able to look at them before you even get to the door. This is a simple addition, but it could be very useful.

Smart Lighting

Smart lighting is the next phase on from dimmer switches. Smart lights allow you to put your lights on timers, choose a colour and brightness, and have full control over the atmosphere of the room. You can even save your favourite settings so you can get it right with one click.

Smart TV

Smart TVs are great. You can surf the internet, watch YouTube, access your subscription services, view photos, record TV, and play games. Smart TVs allow you to do a lot more with your TV without needing any extra equipment.


Smart heating not only allows you to turn your heating on remotely before you get home, it also lets you monitor your energy usage and find ways to save money.


Smart appliances can be convenient, like a smart kettle or coffee machine which lets you prepare your favourite hot drink without being in the room. Some also save you money and resources. A smart washing machine, for example, weighs the load and uses the exact amount of water needed to complete the wash.


Home automation kits allow you to control all of the smart features in your home from one device. A beginner’s kit gives you control over a few features such as your heating and lights whereas a full kit would give you control over your whole house with the touch of a button.

Making your home smarter could save you time, energy, and even money while also being good for the environment. Once you start making some smart additions, you will wonder how you ever lived without them.