Hitting a block can feel like the worst thing for any creative, but it isn’t the end of the world. Regaining your creativity can feel like a chore, and in some cases, may seem like an impossibility. Don’t fret, regardless of whether you reignite your passion or learn how to create without the inspiration, your creative career isn’t over. After all, creativity isn’t only found in bouts of dramatic inspiration, but developed over time. Instead, follow these five steps to boost and control your creativity:

1 – Explore

Routine can kill creativity. It is perfect for monotonous work, of course, and helps you make good habits, but it can truly destroy any creative impulses. When you find that your mojo is lacking, go out and explore. This can be your own city, or the countryside, or a new place entirely. Go out but don’t have a plan, and try out anything that takes your fancy. The new experiences and sensations will inspire you.

 2 – Try New Flavors

A form of exploring that you can do every day, in your own home or outside of it, is to try new flavors. It is amazing how flavors awaken our mind. This applies to everything. Try new drinks, make an exotic dish, even go and get some flavored nicotine from www.auster.com if you are a smoker. Enrich your creativity through different flavors, and let your mind benefit from the new information.

3 – Do Something Wild

Sometimes, you just need to do something wild. Jump off a cliff into the waters below, do something you normally would never do. You need to thrill yourself and completely let go entirely of the doubts and thoughts that have smothered your creativity. Just make sure that whatever you are doing is safe; you don’t want to contend with a serious injury once you start creating again!

4 – Just Start

When all else fails, just work. You cannot just wait for you creativity to come to you for the rest of your life. Instead, train yourself. It doesn’t matter if what you create is horrendous, you still made it. You need to take control of your creativity instead of letting it control you.

5 – Recreate Your Creative Space

On the other hand, if you do have a bout of creative genius, try to recreate that moment as much as you can. Work in the same place, at the same time as before. You want to train your mind so that you can go into the creative frame of mind every day. Remember, however, to work every day, even if the inspiration doesn’t strike.

Being creative and working hard and consistently aren’t conflicting states of being. You can try to gain inspiration in your own life by trying out new things and exploring, and you can try to wrestle your creative work away from your muse. Work consistently, frequently, and enjoy the benefits of being in control of the quality of your work, whether you feel inspired or not.