If you have a business that needs to grow, but you’re having difficulties in making your presence known to the wider public, it could be because you have yet to utilize the online portfolio as a means of showing potential customers what you can do. There are many different industries that can benefit from this kind of showcase on their website – if yours is one of them, what else can an online portfolio do for you?

Become More Visible

If your business relies on showing people what you can do, rather than just telling them, an online portfolio can help to make you more visible. Having images on your website of a garden both before and after you have worked on it if you have landscaping websites, for example, will offer those looking the perfect way to see how well you work. The same is true for a painter and decorator, a dog groomer, an artist, or anyone else who creates a tangible product at the end of their creative process. An online portfolio is the easiest and quickest way to show people what you can really do. This is particularly important in an industry that has a lot of competition.

Marketing Tool

Your online portfolio, no matter what industry you work in, can be a real asset when it comes to marketing. The images that are used there can be used on your marketing material, offering a truly cohesive and uniform brand. Even if you aren’t a fully-fledged business but are just starting out, having a portfolio of work is important. It makes you more trustworthy and allows people to judge for themselves the quality of your work. When you send out quotes for your work, or if you are emailing cold pitches, adding a link to your portfolio and asking people to look at it can help win the deal.


Not only is your online portfolio on your website useful when it comes to showing others what you can do, but it is also useful for you to keep your work organized. Having all of your best work in one place that you can easily access will mean you can keep better track of your business and how smoothly it is running. Plus, if anyone asks you for your most up to date work, you can happily point them in the direction of your website and the portfolio there. We all know how important it is to have a backup of our work, but it isn’t always something that is easy to remember. Your online portfolio can serve as a backup – you just have to keep it up to date, and everything else is managed for you.

Creative Growth

For those in a creative profession, it can be interesting to see how work has changed over time – how their styles are different now, what sorts of things they used to do, and how that has become what they do today. This kind of reflection can be useful when it comes to both personal and business growth, allowing the business owner or artist to really understand what they have done over the years. An online portfolio allows for this to happen, as everything is there to be seen.