Jigsaw puzzles are usually a part of a child’s learning process, be it at home or in school. If you particularly loved solving them as a kid, you probably had a favorite puzzle set that you used to solve countless times during your free time.

When you got older, your favorite sets eventually became boring because you knew exactly which parts go where. And even if you got a new set with a similar structure, it just wouldn’t be that much of a challenge anymore. That’s likely how you thought of jigsaw puzzles—until you encountered sets with 500 pieces or higher.

Jigsaw Puzzles And Their Appeal

Some people may be scratching their heads in confusion as to why anyone would find jigsaw puzzles an enjoyable pastime. Is it really worth it to stare at all those fitted pieces after a few hours—only to realize that you got it wrong and have to start somewhere again?

Apparently, puzzle enthusiasts see a lot of fun in that—even if it could be frustrating in many cases. If you’re genuinely curious about why thousand-piece sets or more are popular among puzzle lovers, here are 6 reasons why they’re willing to devote themselves to it:

  1. Attention To Detail And Big-Picture Thinking Meet

Anyone is bound to feel overwhelmed when they’re now dealing with hundreds to thousands of puzzle pieces instead of the 20 or less that they knew as kids. Indeed, a jigsaw puzzle for adults is an entirely different beast. It’s no longer enough to know what the complete picture looks like; you also need to need to zoom in on the details to get things right.

For people who love to think in systems, this provides a perfect opportunity to merge their love for details and big-picture understanding.

  1. A Good Reflection Of “It’s Not About The Destination, It’s About The Journey”

In a way, jigsaw puzzle building can seem like an endless feedback loop, especially if you’re working on areas that are dabbed with a single color. Even if frustrations are unavoidable, puzzle lovers get most of their fulfillment in getting things right one by one. Seeing it completed is just the icing on the cake.

  1. A Cheap Means Of Getting Into Zen Mode

Since your brain will be working hard to complete the puzzle, it can help improve your cognitive functions, especially if you’re doing it regularly. Jigsaw puzzle building demands attention and high levels of focus. For those who like to build puzzles on their own, they’re usually drawn to it because it helps get their minds into Zen mode, which thereby helps them feel deeply relaxed.

  1. Comfort In Nerdiness

In order to enjoy an activity that requires a lot of brain power, you’ll need to at least have a bit of nerdiness in you. Jigsaw puzzles provide an avenue for people to take comfort in the nerdy parts of themselves. They love how puzzles make them feel like it’s great to embrace who they really are.

  1. A Chance For Intellectual Bonding

Although some people prefer to complete their puzzles alone, others love working together with like-minded individuals. It may not exactly be a common way to make friends and socialize, but puzzles can be socially engaging. Over time, it can help strengthen and deepen relationships with others.

Some especially love to work with those who don’t have the same strategies as them, but complement their skills regardless. They treat every puzzle session as a fun learning moment.

  1. Unique Solutions And Unpredictability

Solving puzzles for years doesn’t mean that you’ll always get to the end product in the same way. Even if you’re just working on the same puzzle over and over again, you’ll hardly ever start and end the way you did before. Every solving process is completely unique and unpredictable, and that’s why puzzle lovers will always be hooked to it.

Completing Jigsaw Puzzles Is A Masterpiece In Its Own Right

Artists and photographers consider every little detail of their work to create a composition that beautifully adds everything up. As a jigsaw puzzle enthusiast, you’re fortunate to get the chance to experience a part of that process for yourself.

Just as the creator thought that they should use a particular color for this part of the artwork or photo, you also get to see why exactly those creative choices make sense. Even if you don’t think that you have an artistic side, the hours you spend on mixing and matching puzzle pieces according to how its colors match with the others is already a masterpiece in itself.