Technology is helping to power business of all sizes. It is enabling companies in various industries to complete essential daily tasks in a fraction of the time, without compromising on quality or customer satisfaction. No matter what industry you work in, there are tools available that can simplify complex, boring processes and improve internal efficiency.

If you are in need of dependable tools to transform your business, read about the four technologies that can speed up your productivity.

Cloud Computing

According to recent research, happier employees are more productive. Allowing your team to telecommute could ultimately provide them with an improved work/life balance, so you can develop a happier workforce, which could lead to a greater output.

However, as your team will need to be connected to your business, you would be smart to invest in cloud computing software. It will allow mobile workers to work on documents, which they can store in the cloud and share with their colleagues, which can maintain file security, creative collaborations, and teamwork.

Dependable Hardware

It’s crucial for the smooth running of your business that you purchase dependable hardware, such as a high-quality laptop and easy-to-use desktops, which will help to power your business every working day.

Also, as you might need to regular print hard copies of sensitive documents, you must purchase a reliable printer with a print speed of up to 20ipm for mono, such as a Brother printer, to improve internal efficiency. However, you must ensure it offers cheap cartridges to decrease your overheads, such as the reasonably-priced Brother DCP-J4120DW ink.

Time Management Tools

Time is money in business, which is why you will not want to waste one minute of it when running a company. Make it easy for members of management to track a goal’s progress, eradicate processes or effectively manage a project by investing in time tracking tools.

It will allow you and your managers to monitor activity without micromanaging your team. For example, if an employee doesn’t appear to be on track to meet a deadline, the tool will immediately bring the problem to your attention, so you can identify ways to support and guide them to complete a project on time and to the highest possible standard.


Exceptional customer service can separate a brand from its rivals. Yet, it’s a tough challenge to master. Lengthy phone menus, poorly-defined customer experience processes and unanswered emails can all frustrate a customer. However, chatbots can improve the customer service experience, as they can conduct a virtual conversation with a user within a messenger app via textual or auditory methods.

Not only can they answer FAQ questions with ease, but the modern technology can now provide tech support, as well as order products and make reservations on behalf of a customer. It is an easy way for potential customers to receive an answer to a question, and it can take some of the pressure off your employees.