Incorporating various forms of technology in homes is a trend that has been on the rise over the past few years. People are now more willing to spend money on home-related tech to make their homes “smarter” than ever before.

Tech giants have embraced this new trend full on and are coming up with new tools to further transform homes. Here are some of the major home technology trends to watch for in 2017.

Home Automation

Automation in homes began just a few years back and it’s been advancing by the day. Through home automation, sitting on a couch and carrying out various activities through an interface is no longer something that is relegated to sci-fi movies.

Wireless power controls enable you to control your sound system, lighting, and security features using an iPad, remote control, or wall touch panels. Automated door locks eliminate the guesswork of using your key. Automated front doors can unlock or open as you approach using a special identifier. You can also control air conditioning and heating with the use of a WIFI thermostat that lets you control the temperatures inside your house using your phone.

And what’s great about WIFI thermostats is that they can be installed in seconds without having to overhaul your whole heating system. Stores like Warm Rooms have already started releasing radiator models that are fully compatible with WIFI thermostats. To see their selection, click here.

Home Entertainment Upgrades

If there’s one area where manufacturers are always trying to outdo themselves it is home entertainment. New speakers are being introduced that pack as much punch as whole sound systems but can easily stand on a table top. 4K TVs now have four times better resolution than high-definition TV’s and have smart TV capabilities. While their price remains fairly high, we can expect 4K TVs to go mainstream in the near future.

Smart Electric Outlets

Smart plugs like the Brio are reducing the risk of an electric shock to almost zero. It only delivers current when it senses a plug and nothing else. In addition, it also has neat features such as an alert system that will notify you if there’s smoke emanating from somewhere.

Smart Home Appliances

The LG Twin wash is a full-size front-loading washing machine with a mini washer below. This lets you only use the bottom compartment if you have only a few clothes to wash.

With the advent of the smart kitchen, we are now officially on the brink of seeing food cook itself. New versions of slow cookers, coffee machines, and tea kettles can tap into your WIFI and let you control them through a phone or tablet. Samsung Family hub, a brand new fridge from the Korean giant, is built with cameras which can take snapshots when you close your fridge door, among other things.

New innovations are being introduced every day to suit the constantly changing demand and technology is completely transforming home living as we know it. There is no telling what the future holds for us, but chances are homes 10-15 years from now will be almost unrecognisable.