Whether you are displaying art at home, in a gallery or a studio, there are a lot of important factors to consider. There is nothing worse than spending good money on an excellent art collection and then doing it an injustice through poor displaying decisions. Make sure to determine where the piece of art would be hung before you purchase the piece; after all, art is to be enjoy and marveled by many, not to be stored somewhere because you’re unable to hang it appropriately.

If you want to master an excellent art display, here are some of the worst mistakes that people make when displaying art. Avoid these mistakes and frame your artwork with the panache it deserves.

Misjudging the Scale – Hanging a lone, small piece of art on a large, spacious wall will simply look strange. Also, hanging a large piece on a small wall, or cluttering it with too many different pieces, will make the room look smaller, while your artwork overshadows everything else. Make sure to judge the scale, so your art can be centerstage without being obnoxious. If you are struggling to find an appropriate place for your artwork with your current set up, move the furniture around.

Hanging Art Up High – Many people choose to hang their art high to protect it from accidental knocking, prying fingers and children, however, it can get lost when hung too high and then simply ignored. Eye-level is perfect, so people can cherish your piece as much as you. If you’re worried about damage, communicate with your guests; they’ll understand your cautions.

Imperfect Lighting – Good lighting will only emphasize your piece’s beauty, therefore, make sure to find the perfect light fixture and shop around before making your purchase. You will want a light that is subtle, and not too overbearing; a light which looks just as stylish as your artwork. Contemporary lighting store Lumens, offers all styles of lighting fixtures, meaning if you’re more traditional or modern, there’s something for every taste.

The Right Stability – If you’re going to spend money on art, then you need to keep it secure and safe. You may think the good old-fashioned nail will do the trick, but it can be unstable. Additionally, a glass frame, if knocked, can ruin your artwork. Therefore, research alternatives on how to hang your piece of art with stability. You could always pay a professional to frame or hang the piece for you; then, you have none of the worry or burden.

If you really love your artwork, you should design your home around it. Rather than looking around for a space to display your art, make it the centerpiece of your room, and position your furniture around it. Turn it into the focal point, and ensure your friends and family can appreciate it. If you have a flair for art collection, dedicate a room to your beloved pieces. Become an art connoisseur with these tips and how to avoid such disastrous mistakes.