What do you do in your spare time? Did you realize that the activities you choose to do when you’re not working can have a significant impact on your success? What you do during your working hours tends to be a way of measuring professional success. For example, the strategies you employ and how you behave. However, what you do when you get home at the end of the day, or over the weekend is just as important. Taking the time to look after your health, taking care of your diet and your fitness are vital. They are ways of instilling good habits and setting you up for the future. Do you want to know what successful young people are doing in the spare time? Here are some pointers.


To keep your mental and physical health in tip-top condition, you must include exercise in your daily routine. You don’t need to spend hours pumping iron and running marathons. Half an hour after work or on the weekend doing exercise that gets your blood pumping is all that’s required. Exercise releases endorphins and makes you feel good as well as burning calories and sending oxygen to your brain. Including exercise in your normal routine helps to keep you disciplined, an important skill in the workplace. It also helps to reduce stress, which is a common problem for millions of people. On top of all these benefits, exercise helps you look better and leads to increased confidence.


Hobbies are a good way of using your creativity and can also be great stress busters. Take a look at many of the successful people you hear about in the news, and you’ll find they also have interesting lives outside of the work environment. Many people are lucky enough to make careers out of their hobbies, but unfortunately, this isn’t possible for everyone. Manage your time well, and you’ll be able to include a hobby in your life. Go hiking at the weekend, travel more, learn how to paint, start a collection of rare coins or antiques. Buy yourself a boat and go sailing, for example, and you’ll benefit in a number of different ways. Not only will you be exploring your creativity, but you’ll also be out in the fresh air more often and connecting with nature. Whatever hobby you decide to pursue, ensure you have the most up to date, relevant equipment. Boating, for example, is also a great way of changing your focus. For more information about the latest equipment, you can read more now. Constantly thinking about work is not good for your mental health. It can stress out an individual and can lead to burnout. Spending a few hours out on the water will relieve your stress and help to keep you grounded.

Learn New Things

Successful people tend to be curious and want to know more about the world and the people that live in it. They also work hard at improving themselves. Investing time in learning something new will be rewarding. Just because you’re working doesn’t mean you should stop educating yourself. Make a commitment to never stop learning and it will be of benefit to your working life and your home life. There are many different ways you can learn something new. The internet is a wonderful resource, whether you want to learn a new language, play an instrument, or learn more about marketing. Check your local college and see what courses are being offered or become involved in a local forum.


Volunteering is something that not only benefits you; it benefits your community as well. There will be many different projects you can get involved in and the time you spend helping out will improve the surrounding community. Be a mentor for a group of younger professionals, work in a soup kitchen, or help out at your local animal shelter. Successful young professionals appreciate the importance of giving something back to the community, and it makes them feel happy to be doing it. As well as helping out your local community, volunteering is also a great way of networking and meeting new people. You never know who you might meet and whether they might be able to help further your career.

Spend Time with Family and Friends

Your job shouldn’t be everything in your life. If you want to be successful, you have to find the right balance and spend time bonding with family and friends. Take a break from working whenever you can and devote your attention to the other people in your life. Stop worrying about what is happening at work and concentrate on enjoying your friends and family’s company. Having healthy relationships at home will help to keep you sane. Think about the last time you had a deep and meaningful conversation with a friend or family member. If you can’t remember when it was, then it’s time to pick up the phone or meet up or a coffee.

Unplug Yourself From all Your Devices

Do you keep your mobile device switched on 24 hours a day? Is your life ruled by the ringing of your smartphone? Have you considered getting unplugged for a few hours, a whole morning or even the whole weekend? More and more people are appreciating the benefits of having an “unplugged day.” It might be hard to start with but turning off the Wi-Fi, putting your devices away in a drawer and forgetting about your social media news feed will help to renew your mind, body, and spirit.

Do you find it a struggle to sleep at night? Did you realize that the light coming from your mobile devices may be keeping you awake? They emit something called blue light which tricks your brain into thinking it’s daytime. Having your smartphone on the cupboard next to your bed interrupts your circadian rhythm and inhibits the production of melatonin. This means that your body is not getting the right signals that it’s time to go to sleep.

Work on Your Evening Routine

Having a good morning routine is a great way to get your day off to a good start but finishing your day off in the right way also has its benefits. A good place to start is by shutting off all your electronic devices at least half an hour before you go to bed. It will certainly help you get off to sleep much quicker, and you won’t be woken by your email notifications or social media posts in the middle of the night. A good evening routine primes you for the next morning and you’ll wake feeling refreshed and restored.

Read More

Thankfully, electronic reading devices have not yet replaced the paper book, and you can still enjoy reading a real book. Many successful people will attest to the benefits of reading. It helps you to gain a better understanding of the world around you whether you’re reading fiction or nonfiction. Reading a book introduces you to new concepts, ideas, and characters. It’s even possible to learn new skills. Your vocabulary also benefits, and your communication skills improve. Reading can also be a way of escaping from the real world and using your imagination. Keeping up to date with current events is important for your success, and by reading, you can stay current with all the latest news.

Manage Your Money

This might not sound like something fun to do in your leisure time, but it is important. Following a budget or spending plan will help to keep you out of debt. It will also ensure you’ve got some savings for those unexpected expenses that come along from time to time. If you’re in control of your finances, it provides a feeling of security and makes life far less stressful.

Eating Healthily

Eating a nutritious and well-balanced diet will mean your energy levels and brain power improve and your ability to concentrate increases. Your overall sense of well-being will be enhanced, and you’ll be far better equipped to handle success. Of course, a healthy diet will improve your body image, prevent illness and make you happier. However, it can also impact on your success. Include green leafy vegetables in your diet because they are great for maintaining energy levels. Schedule time into your morning routine for a healthy breakfast as it will give you time to wake up properly and figure out your day. Don’t be tempted to reach for the snacks during the day. Use lunchtime as an opportunity to get out of the office, stretch your legs and eat something tasty and nutritious. Avoid the fast-food joints, take away pizza and mayonnaise packed sandwiches from the local shop.

Choosing to spend your time in some of these ways will not guarantee success. However, it will improve your mindset, abilities, and expand your network, thereby increasing your chances of success. Consider incorporating some of them into your daily routine, and you might be surprised by the results. One last piece of advice worth sharing is to make sure you include downtime for recharging your batteries. Resting and relaxing will allow you to be more focused and get more done.