Digimag Journal is an online publication seeking articles, interviews and essays that focus on the impact of the technological and scientific research on art, design and contemporary culture. Digimag Journal is based on international call for papers on given subjects and provides readers with comprehensive accounts of the latest advancements in the international digital art and culture scene. 

ISSUE 79 / SUMMER 2018 

Many are the environmental issues we are currently facing, and some of them are directly linked to the overproduction of electronic and technological devices. Recent technological developments have undoubtedly produced an excessive amount of electronic waste (e-waste), due to the planned material obsolescence in the IT industry. Electronic and plastic materials of different nature and origin, have been the object of artistic practices since at least 15 years. The idea of ​​considering electronic waste not as an obsolescent and worthless material, but rather as a potential creative element, is being discussed in the contemporary artistic debate. What has been questioned here are the expressive possibilities offered by the creative practices of recycling and its possible applications in different productive fields (art, product & fashion design, architecture, object-data integration practices in the IOT, augmented realities).

ISSUE 78 / SPRING 2018 

Nowadays digital writing has become an important topic within the humanities field so that a closer attention to issues like aesthetic autonomy, theoretic models and practices, especially within the media arts and culture context is demanded. Digital writing is part of a much broader discourse, which underlies the different ways in which technologies and networks are irreversibly influencing narrative methods. Specifically, storytelling is getting more immersive and participative, in the sense that audience is engaged in a more interactive way and the environment is evolving into a more complex transmedia scenario. Contributions by: Contributi di: Alessandra Ioalè, Andy Campbell, Paolo Cirio, Daniele Giampà, Reham Hosny, Annette Hunnekens, Vaness Santos, Dominika Sobolewska.

ISSUE 77 / WINTER 2017-2018 

We cannot deny the vital role arts and creativity have to play within the energy and environmental field, especially in the current Anthropocene age, where the human impact on climate and nature is dominant and undisputed. What kind of artistic narratives are proven to be compelling and effective in raising ecological awareness? What is the challenge for arts and culture within this scenario? What are the main contributions to the media theories for the Anthropocene?. Contributions by: Alice Smits, Andreco, Anna Gorchakovskaya, Chiara Scarpitti, Ioana Mischie, John Patrick Ayson, Leonardo Caffo, Semiconductor, Vanina Saracino, Viola Arduini

ISSUE 76 / SUMMER 2017 

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) might be considered by many as synonyms, also because they are the buzzwords of this decade. But actually they are not. They both question though, the ability of the machines to perform and complete tasks in a “smart” way, challenging human intelligence and specificity. As ML features can fit with digital arts practices, we’re lead to explore the way some AI techniques can be used to enhance human performative gestures and creativity models. Contributions by: Memo Akten, Claire Burke, Geoffrey Drake-Brockman, Jerry Galle, Gene Kogan, Robert Lisek, Yuxi Liu, Filippo Lorenzin, Alessandro Masserdotti, Andreas Refsgaard

ISSUE 75 / SPRING 2017 

Identity is becoming a fluid concept, encompassing different domains of the self. How are identities affected by technology and digital tools? What is the role of art in shaping this notion? The new Digimag Journal is focused on how digital identity becomes the individual unit of a larger culture environment. How a self-discourse on internet and social networks, is redefining the notions of identity, repetition and difference. Contributions by: Miriam La Rosa, Linda Kronman & Andreas Zingerle, Alessio Chierico, Selena Savic, Salvatore Iaconesi & Oriana Persico, Nicola Bozzi,  Jeroen Van Loon, Randall Packer, Claire Burke, Patrick Lichy, Marco Cadioli, Patty Jansen and Samaa Ahmed.

ISSUE 74 / WINTER 2013 

On December 2012, several scholars, artists and scientists with common interests in the intersection of art, science and technology gathered at MutaMorphosis conference in Pargue to discuss a topic that has become increasingly important during our uncertain times: the event was entitled “Tribute to Uncertainty”. This publication is a follow-up and a continuation of a discussion that hopefully will have many other articulations, twists and turns in the years to come. Contributions by: Franco Torriani, Ildiko Meny, Daphne Dragona, Marc Garrett, Maria Androulaki, Alessio Chierico, Henrique Roscoe, Markéta Dolejšová, Adam Zaretski, Evelina Domnitch & Dmitri Gelfand, Renate Quehenberger.

ISSUE 73 / AUTUMN 2012

The birth, growth and development of spaces open to the creative and experimental use of media technologies have affected the production and dissemination of contents, have enriched the art system, have provided new methodologies of production, modes of display and creative practices that span art and design, science and technology innovation, social studies and politics, ecology and economy, music and architecture. Contributions by: Alessandro Barchiesi, Martin Conrads, Laura Plana Gracia, Miriam La Rosa, Nina Leo, Donata Marletta, Janet Marles, Melinda Sipos, Selena Savicic, Judson Wright.


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