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Marco Aruga

Writer and Journalist

Marco Aruga is working in Associazione Abbonamento, an association taking care of the diffusion of the knowledge of cultural heritage, through specific projects involving public and private institutions. As a journalist, he is collaborating with Radio Popolare and ContemporaryArt Torino Piemonte website, after having worked with several radio stations, since the beginning of the private radio system in Italy. His broadcasts, articles and interviews are dealing with art, architecture, design, media and contemporary music.

Silvia Bertolotti

Writer and Curator

Silvia Bertolotti is a Brussels based free-lance writer.. With a MA in Philosophy and a Master in Arts and Cultural Management, she is currently a PHD Candidate in Media and Communications Studies. She's also a professional in the ICT field, currently working in the cybersecurity sector. Areas of special interest to Silvia are beside electronic literature and writing, web culture and digital arts, computer mediated communications, new media studies and cybersecurity.

Nicola Bozzi

Writer and Researcher

Nicola Bozzi is a freelance writer and researcher. His main interests are globalised identities and the role of art within contemporary society, while his writings have appeared on a range of international publications that include Domus, Frieze, Prismo, NOT, and Wired Italia. You can follow him at or as @schizocities on Twitter and Instagram.

Simone Broglia

Writer and Researcher

Simone Broglia graduated in philosophy with a thesis about the using of space and electronics in Luigi Nono’s Prometeo. He focused his research on aesthetic and perceptual issues arising from the use of technology in music. Member of the foundation Musica Musicisti e Tecnologie: organization annual workshop “Il segno del suono” about electronic and musical improvisation and festival Elektronica. Member of the foundation Musica Musicisti e Tecnologie which organizes the festival Elektronica, he is founder of association zer0zer0 to support production and discussion about experimental music.

Daniele Bucci

Researcher and designer

Daniele Bucci is a process and relationship designer who researches the impacts and possibilities derived from the use of digital technologies. He facilitates collective processes in the creation of shared meaning. He studied design, social innovation and sociology. He’s sensitive to environmental and social issues, I have been an activist and volunteer in various organizations. He is currently part of HER: She Loves Data, a research center that works on the new artistic and design possibilities that computational data generate for and with human beings.

Claire Burke

Artist and Researcher

Claire Burke is a Dublin based artist and member of A4 Sounds studios. Her practice explores the interdisciplinary area of art and technology. Her research explores computational creativity and new aesthetics within contemporary art. A graduate of Institute of Art, Design and Technology, Claire holds a Higher Certificate in Audio Visual Media Technology, a Bachelor of Engineering in Digital Media Technology and a Bachelor of Arts in Visual Art Practice. Claire holds a Master of Art in Art in the Contemporary world from the National College of Art and Design. Her work predominantly involves the use of technology, engaging with video, electronics, coding, photography and screen print.

Bianca Cavuti


Bianca Cavuti graduated in Photography at the Academy of Fine Arts of Bologna with a thesis about the relationship between photographic language and surveillance in light of the most recent technological innovations; deeply convinced of the interdependence between different disciplinary areas and of the need to recover a critical gaze on the present, her research deals with changes in contemporary visual culture.

Marie Chatel

Marie Chatel is a French-Swiss independent writer, critic, and curator. She completed a Bachelor in Architecture at the EPFL in Lausanne and holds a Master’s degree from The Courtauld Institute of Art in London where she specialised in German Modernism with an emphasis on cross-media practices, sociology and technological utopias. She has been an author for ArchDaily and worked as the content producer for the digital art platform Danae where she initiated and edited the publication Digital Art Weekly. Her focus lies in exploring the social narratives behind web culture and new media, including immersive technologies.

Pierre Chaumont

Artist and Author

Pierre Chaumont is a conceptual artist and author living and working in Montreal, Canada. He collaborated with the CICA Press, Unbag Magazine,and Endless Editions. His interests surrounds systems of power and their resurgence in culture, technology and society.

Alessio Chierico

PhD Candidate and Author

Alessio Chierico is an artist and researcher with theoretical background in contemporary art, design theory and media studies. He is currently PhD candidate at Interface Culture department of Kunstuniversität Linz (AT), and graduated in the same university. Chierico has been visiting student at IAMAS Institute of Advanced Media Art and Sciences in Ogaki (JP). Chierico regularly contributes with conferences talks and academic publications.

Patricia de Vries

Patricia de Vries is a researcher at the Institute of Network Cultures, Amsterdam, and an assistant professor in philosophy of technology at Maastricht University, The Netherlands. Her research focuses on artistic engagements with emerging technologies.

Fabiola Fiocco

Curator and museologist

Fabiola Fiocco is an art curator and museologist. She holds an MA in Museology from Reinwardt Academie in Amsterdam and an MA in Art History from Università Roma Tre in Rome. Her core interests are architecture, sexuality and biopolitics. In 2017, she initiated homeawayfromhome, an open-ended online platform reflecting on home, dwelling and belonging.

Federica Fontana

Writer and Journalist

Federica Fontana is a freelance journalist, independent researcher, and digital copywriter. As a freelance copywriter, Federica's expertise focuses on corporate communication: blogging, websites, newsletters, social media. Following her interest in making academic research accessible to the general public she has founded Inanimanti, first Italian blog entirely focused on Posthuman art. She has written about the arts for a number of websites and she has a section on the web portal Mediacritica, addressing the intersections between cinema and contemporary art.

Anna Gorchakovskaya

Researcher and Writer

Anna Gorchakovskaya is a Rome-based art historian, independent researcher and freelance translator. Anna holds a degree in Art History and has recently completed a master's degree in Gender Studies. Since 2014, she has collaborated with a number of Italian and international art institutions, including The Peggy Guggenheim Collection and La Galleria Nazionale d'Arte Moderna e Contemporanea, in activities related to curating, research, event organization and education. Since 2016, she has been part of the Bologna-based curatorial space Adiacenze. Her research in the field of visual studies is mostly dedicated to connection between art, gender and new technologies.

Mark Hancock

Writer and Digital Producer

Mark Hancock is a writer, digital producer and videographer working across the corporate and arts sectors. He has written about the arts for a number of publications, including the BBC, Furtherfield, Neural, and Arts Council England, as well as Digicult. Mark is interested in the future of digital publishing and how different media can work together to tell stories about our contemporary arts world. He is currently producing a series of short documentaries, building on his scratch-video experiments interviewing artists at festivals.

Kathy Rae Huffman

Curator, Networker and Writer

Kathy Rae Huffman is a freelance curator, networker, and writer. Since the early 1980s, she has curated media exhibitions, juried competitions, lectured and coordinated events for international media art festivals and arts initiatives, including ISEA, Ars Electronica and EMAF. Her interest in artists’ television and video art, and her passion for feminist strategies in online environments, normally promote activist positions. Huffman co-founded FACES: Gender/Technology/Art, an online community for women (1997); VRML Art (later Web3D Art) with Van Gogh TV (1998-2003); and she co-authored Pop~Tarts, the multi-media column for the Telepolis Journal (1996-2000).

Patty Jansen

Graphic Artist, Researcher and Producer

Patty Jansen is a graphic artist, researcher and producer. With a background in design, Art History and Artistic Research, she has become increasingly interested in the representation of our current society and its history in the rapidly changing media landscape. In her published research Networked Collective Memory she investigated the influence of the digital network on the visual development of collective memories such as 9/11 & MH17. Jansen is fascinated by human ideas of time: the past, present and future. Its visual reflection and how its meaning can and will change play an important role in her fascination and work.

Filippo Lorenzin

Critic and Curator

Filippo Lorenzin is a London-based independent curator and critical theorist. His research is focused on the study of the effects of the introduction of new technologies into artistic practices. Digicult collaborator since 2011, he writes about the relationship between artists and the public through the mediating role of the artistic technique throughout history. He takes part in talks and lectures, actively dialoguing with interesting figures at the borderline between art and scientific research.

Marco Mancuso

Critic and Curator

Marco Mancuso is a critic, curator and researcher, specialized in art, philosophy and technoscience. He holds a PhD in Digital Cultures at Iuav University in Venice and teaches at Alma Mater University Bologna and Naba Milan. He has curated and collaborated with institutions such as Transmediale, Sonar + D, Sonic Acts, Baltan Laboratories. STRP, Nemo, V2, Elektra, Todaysart, Impakt among others. He is the founder of the platform Digicult; co-founder of the SSH - Sound Studies Hub at Iuav University; and advisory board member for the "Future Innovation" project at Museum of Science and Technology of Milan. He is also the author of the books "Art, Technology and Science" (2018) and "Interview with New Media Art" (2020).

Mario Margani

Artist, Curator and Researcher

Graduated in Communication and Management in Art and Cultural Markets (B.A.) and Arts, Heritages and Markets at IULM (Milan), Mario Margani is currently attending a M.A. in Global Art History at the Free University (Berlin). Since 2010 he lives in Berlin and collaborates with different project spaces, artists-run spaces, and other cultural institutions. He is currently also starting a new collective project in his hometown Enna (Sicily) focusing on a multidisciplinary approach to cultural heritage.

Donata Marletta

Reseacher and Lecturer

Donata Marletta holds a PhD in Cultural Studies at Leeds Metropolitan University, UK. Her research project focuses on how new technologies have altered and modified the ways people interrelate and the social connecting spaces. She attended several international academic conferences like EVA – Electronic Visualisation and the Arts, Cybercultures Exploring Critical Issues, Emotions in Motion, the International Marketplace for Digital Arts (IMDA), Mutek, Ars Electronica, Elektra, Transmediale and CTM

Sara Merzenich

Researcher and Critic

Sara Merzenich is a bachelor student in Literary and Cultural Analysis at the University of Amsterdam. The focus point in her research is the intersection between art, culture, and social issues. At the moment, she is doing research on the possible relationships between noise, sound, and visual art, while finishing her bachelor’s degree.

Pasquale Napolitano

Designer and Author

Pasquale Napolitano is a researcher, visual and multimedia designer. He's Professor at the Academy of Art in Naples and at the University of Molise. He's most recent research field it's focused on the creative industries and the informal development strategies. As expert in multimedia designer has participated in numerous exhibitions, festivals, residencies, and in some of the festivals of new media art in the most important Italian and European sphere.

Teresa Ruffino

Author and Researcher

Teresa Ruffino is a graduate student and independent researcher. After a Bachelor’s degree at Accademia di Belle Arti di Brera in “Comunicazione e Didattica dell’Arte” , she graduated in “Storia dell’Arte e Valorizzazione del Patrimonio Artistico” at Università di Genova. Her interests revolve around the outcomes of the connections between contemporary art, social networks and digital media with a focus on visual and popular culture.

Selena Savic

Designer and Researcher

Selena Savić is a designer and researcher. She holds a joint PhD by EPFL in Lausanne and IST in Lisbon, with a background in architecture (Faculty of Architecture, University of Belgrade) and media design (Piet Zwart Institute, Rotterdam). She is currently a postdoc fellow at the department of Architecture Theory and Philosophy of Technics, TU Vienna, Austria. Her hybrid design practice forms productive connections between the world of tangible experiences and seamless technologies and infrastructures.

Silvia Scaravaggi

Curator and Writer

Silvia Scaravaggi is a cultural operator, independent curator and art writer. Employed from December 2015 at the Cultural Office of the Municipality of Crema, she worked for ten years at the Cultural Department of the Province of Cremona, mainly on the set up of the local Cultural District. Graduated from the University of Pisa, discussing a Thesis on the Theory and Technique of Audiovisual Media, from 2004 she has been writing for art magazines: Digicult, Artribune and previously Exibart. Her research focuses on art and politics linked to new media art, video, interaction design, art-science-technology.

Antonia Seierl

Antonia Seierl is an Austrian, Vienna based student and currently working on her bachelor thesis in sociology as well as political science. Her scientific focus is on technological sociology, especially “The Quantified Self“ and discourse theory. Besides her studies, she works in the Austrian music industry as a journalist and PR manager, which led to her upcoming bachelor thesis on cultural politics. Further interests of Antonia Seierl include the implementation of blockchain into music business and the tension between innovation, culture and politics.

Caterina Tomeo

Critic and Curator

Caterina Tomeo is an art historian. She is director of MAD in “Multimedia Arts and Design” at RUFA – Rome University of Fine Arts and she teaches in the Master in “Economics and Management of Art and Culture” of the Sole 24 Ore Business School. She is lecturer in the Master in “Management of Art and Cultural Heritage” of Giunti Academy – School of Management. Until 2018 she was Co-Director of Spring Attitude Festival. She is Art Director and curator of the “Sound Box” at the Mattatoio in Rome. Her most recent publications include: "Sound Art. Ascoltare è come vedere"; "Sonic Arts. Tra esperienza percepettiva e ascolto attivo". The new volume "L’elettronica è donna. Anzi trans-feminista" will be published in March 2021.

Giada Totaro

Artist and Designer

Giada Totaro is an artist and expert and since 2000 she has been studying, and experiencing the evolution between Arts and New Technologies, thanks to her formation at DAMS of Roma Tre, NABA and Academy of Fine Arts of Brera, in Milan. She works in design and production of artistic and interdisciplinary projects with new media, and she has exhibited multimedia works, and has collaborated with numerous national and international festivals and exhibitions. In his hometown, Lecce, Giada is the Founder of STEAM Atelier, an open-HUB for the prototyping of the study, conservation and dissemination of the Media Art History, through workshops and transdisciplinary educational and cultural events.


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