Tiohtià:ke - Montréal, Canada
February/ March 2021

With more than 50 major activities to its credit, Molior develops and produces concept-driven events that promote collaboration between people from various backgrounds. Molior is a Canadian organization founded in 2001 that specializes in the production of exhibitions and artistic projects that use technology as a means of creation, expression and action. Molior is celebrating Molior’s 20th anniversary in February 2021 with the presentation of an international symposium on collaborative curating practices in the digital age.

Titled Rethinking Our Futures: Art and Collaboration, the symposium invites Canadian and international curators to share experiences virtually and to collectively reflect on issues related to their practice in a context shaped by an increasing use of digital technologies.

Focusing on collaborative curatorial practices in the digital age, the international symposium – which they envision as a reflective laboratory – will aim to enable Canadian and international curators to meet and collectively discuss the issues related to their practice in a time of increasing use of new technologies. Given the unique context imposed by the pandemic, the various conferences and discussion workshops will take place online.

The symposium consists of:

– a website and a webcast platform

– 5 short presentation video

– 3 live conversations

– a workshop component for a group of 15 international curators and an online publication

Link: www.molior.ca