May - September 2021

This international exhibition brings together the work of artists who use video game languages to address emerging issues in contexts of isolation, distancing and uncertainty.

An invitation to play and at the same time, to reflect on the impact of sudden behavioral changes in society during the Covid-19 pandemic.
After more than a year of the Covid-19 outbreak, we have undergone changes in the way we interact with others and the environment. Confinement and social distancing, extreme disinfection, online education, and remote work became part of the daily scenario.

These modalities have bought new habits and caused psychological effects that directly affect all areas of our life, including the way we relate to art.

Anguish at lockup and loneliness, worries about the economic crisis and concerns about the experimental vaccines. We find ourselves in a maze of uncertainty which exit we have not yet found, but when that happens, what will we have learned?

This exhibition brings together the work of artists who use the language of video games to explore these issues. Art games that involve the player directly to recreate these circumstances and enable to observe them from other perspectives.
Play at your own risk, it is not only an invitation to play, but also to reflect on the impacts of these sudden changes in society behavior.