Amstelpark, Amsterdam
17 / 01 2021 - 14 / 02 / 2021

From January 17 to February 14, Zone2Source and The Warp present a performance installation, Unloomed #1, with 1001 strings, laser light and sound, visible and audible around the Glass House. Park visitors can experience Unloomed #1 daily from the outside, the best time is around dusk.

For Unloomed #1: An Installation for Strings and Certain Sketchy Objects of String Theory, 1001 strings are attached to the ceiling of the Glass House. The installation performs as an instrument by a laser installation and by ensemble Todo Modo. Todo Modo is a group of musicians who exclusively make music with non-musical objects, interiors and entire buildings. Recordings of a number of live streamed performances are made audible to the audience through speakers on the windows.

Together sound and laser light form an ever-changing landscape of shapes, light and sound, both in the Glass House and in the surrounding Amstelpark.

The Contraband and Company focuses on processing artworks exclusively via working in opposition, to one another. This results in three active groups that work separately, along specific “lines”, to create a visual installation that serves different purposes for each group, while forming a whole new phenomenon when performing together and blending their separate lines. The Contra aspect of this band of outsiders will seem evident in the performance but in the installation, the work will become completely integrated as a whole. Unloomed refers to the groups that do not work together in the interwoven way as the The Warp’s Loomig program of 2021 that will be centered around the concepts looming and weaving as the symbolization of collaboration.

The Warp

The Warp develops audiovisual performances on location. The organization is based at the Kunstkapel in Amsterdam and is led by the American artist and director Lee Ellickson. In the winter months The Warp and Zone2Source organize a light festival in the Amstelpark.

Read more about this project and how string theory, together with the concept of weaving and looming, serve as a source of inspiration for this project on The Warp’s website, where you will also find more information about the live-stream performances.