Círculo de Bellas Artes - Madrid
May 7th 2021

On May 7th in Madrid, there is going to be the most advanced and contemporary A / V electronic concerts that under the motto of MADATAC Night will take place on Friday, May 7 at the Sala Columnas del Círculo de Fine arts.

Abul Mogard is an serbian artist who has decided to hide his true identity of his to essentially show his music. His album “Above All Dreams” (2018) has been considered one of the best experimental music albums in recent years. On this occasion, he accompanied by the visuals of the artist Marja de Sanctis, will premiere in a new AV performance his latest album “In Immobile Air “(2021). In this link you can find more information about this album and its discography: https://abulmogard.bandcamp.com/

Iury Lech is a multidisciplinary Spanish artist, pioneer of the scene electronic and digital audiovisual in Spain. His renowned album “Musica para el fin de los cantos” is considered the pinnacle of minimal & drone ambient of his generation and one of the most sought-after reissues of the last years. Iury Lech will present his latest album “Ontonanology” (2020), with an audiovisual direct of sound and reactive and generative images, a cinematographic journey to music for thought in the form of infinite waves and invisible metaphysics, a manipulation of sound on an atomic, molecular and supramolecular scale, with a mysterious halo that vibrates with the feeling of absence and fullness at the same time. In this link there is more information about this album and its discography: https://iurylech.bandcamp.com

The eleventh edition of the MADATAC Festival, which had to be postponed in April 2020 due to restriction measures caused by the global health alert, will take place in and from Madrid from November 16, and will virtually extend into mid-2021, at the same time that it will become the first edition of a Virtual Biennial and Museum of New Digital Media Art. With more than a hundred artists from around the world, their works of art will be exhibited in an online format, virtual reality, equirectangular 360º videos or as immersive interactive experiences, a crossbreed and hybrid program that will be combined with live projections and AV performances.