This exhibition showcases three artists working with generative code to create abstract and reactive works. Marius Watz and Paul Prudence have been contributing to the dialogue for computational art since 2005 with seminal essays, some of the foremost blogs and ground-breaking software.

As a seminal member of the processing community, Marius Watz has, in many ways, defined part of the aesthetic associated with code-based art. Paul Prudence works with VVVV and with visual feedback systems to create audio-visual performances. Aaron Meyers is an artist and programmer using generative strategies in the creation of software and moving image. He is currently a fellow at the Eyebeam Art & Technology center where he recently led the Visual Music Collaborative workshop in collaboration with Ghostly International.

In generative art, works are created at least in part by some process that is not under the artist’s direct control. Generative processes have been applied to music, dance, and all forms of visual art over thousands of years. With the advent of computers, complex digital generative art has become one of the defining art forms of the twenty-first century. While this art may harnesses the power of computation to create work enacted via machine, the human originator is ever present, even if acting by proxy. The works in this show amalgamate the organic and the methodical, seducing with pattern, texture and beauty.

Marius Watz
Works: Blocker, sound-reactive software piece
Materials: Realtime software, PC speakers or headphones
Size: Variable (32” screen)
Price: $5800

Artist Statement: Marius Watz is an artist using software processes to explore visual abstraction. His work is known for its bold colors and hard-edged geometries.

Biography: Watz (NO) has lectured and exhibited his work internationally at venues that include Künstlerhaus (Vienna), Fondation Vasarely (Provence), Victoria & Albert Museum (London), Itau Cultural (Sao Paulo) and Club Transmediale (Berlin). He is a lecturer at the Oslo School of Architecture and Design.

Aaron Meyers
Works: 5 generative laser-etched wood pieces
Materials: Laser-etched birch plywood
Size: 3 x 30”x16”, 2 x 16”x16”
Price: Please Inquire

Artist Statement: Often interactive, Aaron’s work playfully forges rich perceptual experience through the manipulation of generative systems, physical simulation, data and media. Using a laser cutter and custom software written in Processing, Aaron’s work on plywood pulls into sharp focus the interaction of complex line work with the organic burning process.

Biography: Currently a fellow at the Eyebeam Art & Technology Center, Aaron’s work has been shown at Ars Electronica (Linz), the Performa Biennial (New York), Fondation Cartier (Paris), Eyebeam MIXER (New York), Wired NextFest (New York), and Where 2.0 (San Francisco). As a teacher, Aaron has taught at UCLA Design|Media Arts and led the Visual Music Collaborative workshop at Eyebeam in creative partnership with Ghostly International.

Paul Prudence
Works: Autotroph series 4 x b/w prints & Bioacoustic Study [Video,10mins] Materials: Prints: Archival Ink Jet. Video: HD mp4
Size: 25” x 25” including frame.
Price: Inquire

Artist Statement: Paul Prudence is an artist and real-time visual performer working with generative and computational systems. He is particularly interested in the ways in which sound, space and form can be synthaesthetically amalgamated.

Biography: Paul has performed and lectured at various international shows, festivals and conferences globally including: The International Symposium for Electronic Arts, Dortmund; Quartz Electronic Music Festival, Paris; Sonic Acts XIII, Amsterdam; Artware 5, Lima; Hacktronic, Boston; Art.ficial Emotion, Sao Paulo and Decibelio, Madrid.