Asia Culture Center - Gwangju
02 / 03 / 2018 - 25 / 03 / 2018

Otherly Space / Knowledge draws from the idea that art holds an important role in finding and establishing an “Otherly Space” in the face of a technological platform that seeks unification. Situations that occur in this world become knowledge by being sensed and made into data.

In this present world, every type of knowledge is being converted into data, making it difficult to find elements that are yet to be converted. We are facing a situation in which our consciousness spends the same amount of time and energy on the data world that runs parallel to the physical world. So how should we approach this Otherly Space?

General societal protocols are being consolidated into a unified platform based on technology, and this platform’s speed of exchange is accelerating. Within that context, what kind of position should art and art production take? While technology attempts to synchronize with protocols to be useful in society, art encompasses the process of reflecting on the non-synchronizable elements and visualizing them.

As a result, art may play an even more important role in this information society.The data world has now produced dual layers of public space. Perhaps the most Otherly Space may exist within the public space that appears most near and recognizable to us. What then does a public space visualized by data look like?

This exhibition includes a variety of projects including video works based on social research of cities and behavioral patterns, an experiential audio piece that takes place in an anechoic chamber, and a diverse range of interactive installations using latest audiovisual technology, all tackling questions of space and knowledge-creation, visualization, and social data.

Participating artists are: Arctic Perspective Initiative [Marko Peljhan (Slovenia) & Matthew Biederman (US)] / Harshit Agrawal (India) + Sang-won Leigh (Korea) / Matthew Biederman (US) + Pierce Warnecke (US) / Evala (Japan) / Kyle McDonald (US) / Moon Kyungwon & Jeon Joonho (Korea) / Ryuichi Sakamoto (Japan) + Daito Manabe (Japan) / Ryoji Suzuki + Sho Miyake + Satoshi Furuya (Japan).

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