NONE Collective - Rome
16 / 02 / 2018

After the first experiment in January, NONE collective organized the last 16 February the second date of Simposio: a meeting, performance and installation program, investigating the man-machine relation within contemporary society. It was conceived to trigger a network, a public debate and a reflection on the digital contemporaneity and its implications on a perceptive, cognitive, social, and economic level.

Guests of the second meeting were Davide Quayola (Visual Artist), Emanuele Braga (co-founder of the Milan-based Macao Center for Art and Research), Marco Mancuso(Critic, Curator and Director of Digicult), IOCOSE (collective of artists), MAIMAIMAI (Sound Artist), Franz Rosati (Sound & Digital Artist).

Its a great pleasure to share here the video interviews with guests and report of the event.

Emanuele Braga

Marco Mancuso

Matteo Cremonesi

Davide Quayola