NONE Collective - Rome
26 / 01 / 2018

Simposio is a meeting, performance and installation program, investigating the man-machine relation within the contemporary society. It was conceived to trigger a network, a public debate and a reflection on the digital contemporaneity and its implications on a perceptive, cognitive, social, and economic level.

Simposio is a convivial meeting starting from these questions to scrutinize the man-machine relation knowledge and awareness; it also aims at investigating the methods through which art can act and expressivity be shown.

The first Simposio took place the last 26th of January with: Tatiana Bazzichelli, Salvatore Iaconesi and Oriana Persico, Agnese Trocchi and Valerio Mattioli. Here the video interviews with guests and report of the event.

Salvatore Iaconesi & Oriana Persico

Tatiana Bazzichelli

Agnese Trocchi

Valerio Mattioli