Busan Museum of Art – Busan, Republic of Korea
15 / 09 / 2021 – 20 / 02 / 2022

Since a long time ago, art has constantly been trying to go beyond the existing exhibition space. With the digital and media revolution and the radical development of the Internet, we are now in the era of “post-media.” The changes brought by the new era also changed how we use media. Now we became active agents who communicate using various devices. ONOOOFF is an exhibition that tries to break free from the constraints of space and time of an exhibition in general. The exhibition began with a study on the “ontact” communication methods through online means in our time of “untact” activities. Once again, the exhibition is an attempt to validate the transcendence of art that communicates freely across the boundaries of space and time. The “ontact” communication dematerializes media. It enables art to actively conquer space and time. In art, space and time become the media that construct artworks. In this way, the viewers are invited to freely move between space and time through artworks.

ONOOOFF takes place online and offline at the same time. It was organized with the intention of building an exhibition that takes place also online with a high level of immersive sensibilities of the physical exhibition, which would operate without difficulties in this time of increasing need to experience art while being unable to physically visit the exhibition venues. In order to provide a flexible viewing experience online, ONOOOFF has built a separate virtual exhibition space with digitalized artworks.

The title of the exhibition, ONOOOFF, means a space where the online and the offline are blended. It also refers to a space where both on and offline exist at the same time. Due to the nature of the space, access to the exhibition is not limited by time and space. The exhibition itself takes place in a site where there are no restrictions of time and space. The exhibition employs two main themes of “space overcoming space” and “time beyond time,” digitalizing artworks about “time and space” and presenting them in a virtual space. Art has long been trying to go beyond the existing space for exhibition, not being limited to the trend of the time. Time and space have been intermediaries to constitute artworks, and the value of time and space have been presented with freedom in a number of artworks. In this sense, “space overcoming space” refers to a new space without any physical presence, which is to be experienced through art as part of the spatial trend in our time. Here, the limitations of physical distance in art became insignificant, actively presenting the possibility of transcending space. Artworks have long been a medium for encountering new places, that is, the world.

In ONOOOFF, there is no constraint of time and space. As such, it is hoped that the exhibition will become an opportunity to grasp time that is the past, the present, and the future at the same time as well as a chance to understand the point on which we stand in a new perspective.