Morrell House in Shoreditch
03/07/2022 - 09/07/2022

Observing the Human opens to the public from Sunday 3rd July until Saturday 9th July at Morrell House in Shoreditch. The exhibition is hosted by London-based art collecting platform Artscapy in partnership with Noonssup, a collective of South Korean contemporary artists led by Bongsu Park and Ga Ram Kim. Observing the Human presents a journey into human perception – observation – that is enhanced or perhaps rather, distorted, by technological advancement. Five artists, Sejin Kim, Gihun Noh, Daniel Schine Lee, Ga Ram Kim and Bongsu Park, will consider observation as a sensory experience that goes beyond sight, creating a link between what is consciously perceived and subconsciously felt. The artistic interpretations on display are rooted in South Korean contemporary culture and iconography, and will together shape a new outlook on humanity through video, performance, photography, audio and NFT.

Each work is for sale and has a unique tie to technology as a non-fungible token (NFT), whether the token stores the artwork directly or acts as a right to access the artwork. As the technological partner for the exhibition, Artscapy has minted the NFT artworks and has created the online platform from which the works can be bought.

Artscapy prides itself in supporting the arts and bringing contemporary art together in a space where the works are tangible and collectors have the opportunity to see and touch them. Each artwork on display will be for sale and available to buy as an NFT at (powered by Artscapy) with cryptocurrencies, or on with fiat currency and credit cards, in addition to a number of physical artworks available for sale.

The collaboration between Noonssup and Artscapy is bound by the shared goal to showcase rigorous contemporary artistic research whose message is uniquely expressed through technology, and specifically NFTs. Both organisations also share a desire to demystify this technology and make this new stream of art more accessible to collectors and the wider public. Running throughout the exhibition, there will be a workshop and talks programme to help visitors learn more about the artistic project, NFTs and the underlying blockchain technology. The workshops will also feature practical support and Q&A on blockchain and NFTs, with the purpose to clear common misunderstandings of what the technology entails and how it is being used by artists.