Ikkan Art Gallery - Singapore
18 / 01 / 2016 – 27 / 02 / 2016

Singapore–Ikkan Art Gallery is pleased to present Surf and Surfaces, an exhibition of works by French artist duo, Norbert Corsino and Nicole Corsino, otherwise known as n + n Corsino. Surf and Surfaces is their first solo presentation in Singapore and Southeast Asia, and features their choreographic works in a poetic and sensual amalgamation of artistic installation and digital innovation.

This is the first time their work is offered to private collectors and institutions. As atypical authors of choreographic stories, n + n Corsino departs from the conventional stage, venturing into other fields of representation while exploring indeterminate and arbitrary spaces.

They question the fundamentals of dance through their research into the nature and quality of movement and its relationship with writing, inviting spectators to go beyond the boundaries of continually (re)invented spaces. Through their often off-beat, unconventional use of various forms of technology, they reveal a carnal, sensual presence drawing on the memory of movement and its traces.

Ikkan 2

The exhibition Surf and Surfaces presents a total of 7 choreographic navigations from n + n Corsino’s oeuvre, each an elaborate construction of real and virtual images and figures, from sounds, languages, words to letters. First presented in Shanghai in 2004, Amorces Intimes (Intimate Beginnings) refers to what Confucius calls the infinitesimal beginning.

Engaging with the moment that occurs just-before-it-moves, n + n Corsino pay particular attention to the slightest of accelerations while maintaining lightness and mobility in their choreography, paving to the way for possible intimacies via the symbiosis of tactile and visual perceptions.

One of their recent works, Bangalore Fictions, transposes writer and novelist Anjum Hasan’s episodic short stories of everyday life and composer Jacques Diennet’s weaving together of real and artificial sounds into a twelve-part screenic landscape, a corpus of signs composed of French and Hindi words, pencil and ink drawings, faces and bodies in suspended action.

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Mues is a six-channel video installation presenting moving bodies freefalling in slow motion and immersed in various landscapes. The work establishes a dialogue between forms, genders, time and space through the interaction between the imaginary and the real.

As a counterpoint to Mues, Trieste is a series of choreographic sequences developed by n + n Corsino for display on digital tablets. Each tablet is enclosed in a transparent box, surfacing tensions between escape and entrapment enacted on the performer.

n + n Corsino (Nicole & Norbert Corsino) are choreographers and researchers based in Marseille, France. Interested in the kinetics of bodies and landscapes, they explore physical and virtual fields where dance has the potential to manifest and present their choreographic fictions in the form of films and installations.

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Their works have been exhibited internationally, including the Aurora Museum Shanghai, National Gallery for Modern Art New Delhi, Centre Pompidou Paris, Centre des Arts d’Enghien-les-Bains, Cannes International Dance Biennial, Seoul International Media Art Biennale and Shchusev Museum of Architecture Moscow.

Awarded the Chevaliers des Arts et des Lettres by the French Ministry of Culture and Communication in 2002, they served as artistic directors of Ars Numerica European Centre for Digital Arts from 2007 to 2009 before opening Scene 44 in 2013, a centre for choreographic creation and digital innovation situated in Marseille.

Ikkan Art was established by Ikkan Sanada in 1982 as a private art dealer and consulting/advisory firm based in New York. Founded on the values of integrity and discretion as top business priorities, Ikkan Art provides purchasing and selling advices as well as related infrastructure and assistance to an elite group of international clients.

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In May 2011, Ikkan Art expanded into Singapore by establishing Ikkan Art Gallery with programs that present museum quality artworks by international artists across a wide range of mediums including painting, sculpture, photography, video and new media art.

Past solo and group exhibitions held at the gallery include Surfaces of Everyday Life – Postwar and Contemporary Masters from Ai Weiwei to Andy Warhol, Requiem for the XX Century – Morimura Yasumasa: Self-Portraits in Motion and Moving Light, Roving Sight, an exhibition of digital, video, new media and sound works with a major interactive installation by Japanese ultratechnologist group teamLab.