Montreal - Canada

ELEKTRA is proud to announce the launch of its brand-new Elektra Virtual Museum (EVM). The EVM is an ambitious project on which ELEKTRA and its partners have been working for more than a year, an unprecedented virtual exhibition space that goes even further than the three-dimensional exhibitions ELEKTRA has presented since 2020.

The Elektra Virtual Museum (EVM) is part of the evolution of the museum in the 21st century. With a remarkable visual quality, unmatched at the international level, the EVM offers artworks that exist in the real world, specially modelled and adapted to be displayed in this 3D museum space. Also a place of knowledge, the EVM allows you to learn more about contemporary digital art and its artists, thanks to our expertise of more than 20 years. An extraordinary museum that offers you the possibility to wander in a unique 3D virtual space, in the heart of an evolving architecture.

Museum complex consisting of 3 buildings, the Elektra Virtual Museum (EVM) opens its doors today with the first two pavilions dedicated to the exhibition METAMORPHOSIS – METAVERSE, a theme in the continuation of the Biennial (BIAN) 2021 held successfully in the fall-winter of 2021/2022 at ArsenalĀ  Contemporary Art Montreal and the future BIAN 2022 expected this fall. You will see and hear, in their complete versions, the works of 21 local and international artists. The opening of the Pavilion 3 exhibition is scheduled for the fall of 2022 as well as new features such as multi-visitor access.

The EVM: An unusual architecture that participates in itself in the singular experience you are about to live, at once polymorphic, cognitive, immersive, visual and audio.

Exhibition co-curated by Ms. DooEun Choi, Artistic Director of the Hyundai Motor Group and Alain Thibault, Artistic Director of Elektra.