Lookout Gallery - Warsaw
07 / 01 / 2016 – 28 / 01 / 2016

Curated by: Katarzyna Różniak

ViBo is one of the alternative models of distribution of the video art, towards those present on the market, elaborated by an Italian artist Carlo Zanni. Its prototypes and new examples containing the Koh-i-Nr video by Carlo Zanni, designed and produced especially for this occasion, will be presented at the Lookout Gallery in January.

ViBo [Video Book] has a form similar to a traditional book but under the cover it contains a screen displaying one video artwork as well as a high resolution file that can be watched on any external devices.

Contrary to limited editions (and even limited number of views per year) widely present on the art market, ViBo is to be ultimately available in high or unlimited editions and prices accessible for everybody. Carlo Zanni aims at democratisation of the digital art distribution methods, which is embedded in the logic of the medium itself, conflicting with the category of uniqueness desired on the market.


Responding to the attributes of new media art corresponding to a global trend of sharing, the artist engages into a discussion with the exclusive status of art and makes his works accessible by pay- per-view websites, sends them to the buyers via we-transfer, after which he produces the ViBo.

The ViBo examples presented at the Lookout Gallery contain the video entitled Koh-i-Nr. Carlo Zanni’s work depicts an old man holding a baby in his arms among moving set built from the displays of the artist’s personal mobile devices. They are representatives of two generations, divided by, as Laura Barecca calls it, the greatest revolution in history.

Carlo Zanni (born in La Spezia Italy, 1975) has been recipient of a Rhizome.org commission and he has shown in galleries and museums worldwide including: The Hammer Museum, Los Angeles; New Museum, New York; Tent, Rotterdam; MAXXI, Rome; P.S.1, New York; Borusan Center, Istanbul; ACAF Space, Alexandria; PERFORMA 09, NY; ICA, London; Wood Street Galleries, Pittsburgh; Science Museum, London.

Lookout Vibo 3

Lookout Vibo 4

Zanni also invented the ViBo video book and founded PeopleFromMars.org to experiment new distribution models for video art and new media projects. The exhibition is a part of an international project Contain[era] financed from the Creative Europe program of European Union.