NONE collective organized last 26 May the fifth date of Simposio: a meeting, performance and installation program, investigating the man-machine relation within contemporary society. It was conceived to trigger a network, a public debate and a reflection on the digital contemporaneity and its implications on a perceptive, cognitive, social, and economic level.

Guests of the fourth meeting were Jaromil (hacker and theorist), Valentino Catricalà (contemporary art critic and curator), Marcello Cualbu (Interaction designer, physical computing, teacher), Donatella Della Ratta (media and arabic culture researcher, teacher), NONE collective (artist), Lulu Shamiyya, Marco G. Ferrari, Ludovica Manzo, Igor Legari, Giacomo Ancillotto (artists and performers).

Its a great pleasure to share here the video interviews with guests and report of the event.

Valentino Catricalà

Marcello Cualbu

Donatella Della Ratta