Digicult Agency communication services are intended both as media coverages and online campaigns, as well as newsletter and web 2.0 strategies exploiting unconventional networking communication tools.

Banner and Display

Digicult Agency offers a variety of banners and display formats on Digicult platform, visible in the two main sidebars in the home page, while also in the inner pages.

Media Partnership

Digicult Agency offers a full collaborative package promotion based on critical analyses, interviews and reports, all tailored to the specific events that are being promoted.

Press Office

Digicult Agency offers a press office service which takes care of the editing and the writing of texts and materials for communication models, both in web and hard copy version.


Digicult Agency produces a newsletter service that currently reaches a selected virtual online community of over 10,000 registered users.

Social Media Strategy

Digicult Agency studies partners’ relationships, to identify and activate the most influential communication nodes, and most effective local and global structures.