Edited by Sabria David e Ulla Wester

Produced by Marco Mancuso

Goethe Institut (2016)

In 2016 the Goethe-Institut in south-west Europe (Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, Portugal, and Spain) launched “Streaming Egos” a project about the issue of identity reframed into contemporary digital culture. The project resulted in the production of different materials, artworks and writings that converged into different forms and events: a digital platform, an exhibition at NRW Dusseldorf and two days of meetings and debates during which the national curators have exhibited and illustrated the materials produced by every national pavilion. 

Marco Mancuso and Filippo Lorenzin have curated artworks and texts produced for the Italian Pavilion and even the catalogue “Streaming Egos – Digital Identities” which collects the complete documentation of works, researches, and events connected to the project.

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Critical text in the catalogue:
“The Arts of Difference. New self narratives in Expo 2015 Italy”

Critical text in the catalogue:
“Italians on the Net: from the digital pizza to self-branding”

Authors involved in the Italian Pavillon: Vito Campanelli, Roberto Ciccarelli, Alessandro Delfanti, Stefano Chiodi, Ippolita and Alfredo Cramerotti, Carla Subrizi, Marco Mancuso e Filippo Lorenzin.

The European project  brought together media experts, artists, critics and curators who tackled the theme of digital identity by exploring its risks, limits and advantages when facing the blurred borders in-between virtual and real life. Conceived by the Goethe-Institut in the six participating countries, coordinated by the Goethe-Institut of Paris, curated by the Slow Media Institut and in cooperation with the NRW-Forum Düsseldorf, the project explored the ways digital identities come into being, change and develop under the influence of social media, within the framework of the socio-political status quo of each country.

Curators: Bram Crevits (Belgium), Sabria David (Germany), Marie Lechner (France), Marco Mancuso & Filippo Lorenzin (Italy), Sandra Vieira Jürgens (Portugal), Mateo Feijóo (Spain)

About the publication

“Streaming Egos – Digital Identities” documents the works and researches produced during the European project, and provides the reader with critical insights, addressing the issue of identity in contemporary transnational and digital culture. In the publication you can find a whole section collecting the materials of each country project, and another one gathering critical essays by a heterogeneous group of contributors, including critics, journalists, writers, curators and media experts. In addition, the publication hosts statements by thinkers who give their own perspective on the topic, as food for thought with respect to the issue of identities in the age of net-culture.

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