Digimag 74 – Winter 2012-2013

Curated by Marco Mancuso – Roberta Buiani

EDITOR-IN-CHIEF: Marco Mancuso

 Roberta Buiani, Marco Mancuso

 Maria Androulaki, Alessio Chierico, Markéta Dolejová, Evelina Domnitch, Daphne Dragona, Marc Garrett, Ildiko Meny, Henrique Roscoe, Franco Torriani, Adam Zaretsky

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On December 2012, scholars, artists and scientists gathered at Mutamorphosis (Prague, Dec 6-8) to discuss a topic that has become increasingly crucial during our uncertain times: The event was entitled “Tribute to Uncertainty”.

Surprisingly, despite the thematic focus, no definition of uncertainty was attempted, as presenters proceeded to report their experience with uncertain phenomena and situations. While traditional panels and fora were priceless to shed precious light on the intricacies of uncertainty (uncertainty principle, social and political uncertainty, the value of uncertainty as a methodological tool, uncertainty in sensorial perception, space and architecture, etc..) most crucial dialogues unavoidably occurred outside of the traditional constraints of the conference format.  Led by similar concerns but approaching the topic from a number of different perspectives and disciplinary viewpoints, individuals engaged in often productive, sometimes frustrating discussions and conversations.

1) Were a presenter? Had this event a transformative influence on your scholarship/artistic and scientific practice?

2) Were you “just” a spectator? We want to hear if and how your perception and assumptions regarding the meaning of uncertainty have changed; whether (and if so, how) this experience has encouraged you to explore further, to engage in debates, to seek collaborations etc..

3) Did you miss the conference but you want to contribute your ideas on the significance of Uncertainty?  Digicult is also interested in hearing from those who were not present at Mutamorphosis. Does your work deal with uncertainty (or whatever you interpret as uncertainty)? How?

In acknowledging the richness that characterized this extraordinary event, this issue of Digicult Journal is interested in receiving articles, exchanges, creative collaborations, artworks, reviews, creative writings emerged from or inspired by Mutamorphosis  and/or by the topics (uncertainty and its many instances/connotations) explored during the event and beyond.