28 / 05 / 2009

Symposium curated and moderated by Marco Mancuso

Biblioteca Civica – Modena

Direct Digital was a new media art event presented by the cultural association Artegenti, which took place from 30th May 2009 to 28th June 2009 in Modena and Carpi (Italy). As in the program of Direct Digital event, the symposium organized and directed by Marco Mancuso focuses on the growing merge between productions, language and aesthetics of digital art and design, as a method of creative design between interactivity, space and eco-system audiovisual production.

Symposium presentation text:
“Art towards Design and vice versa”

Lecturer: Golan Levin, Boris Debackere, Paolo Rigamonti, Lucrezia Cippitelli

Thanks to national and international guests, this symposium will try to focus on meeting points between art&design and contemporary man’s creative, and specifically perceptive, social & urban sphere.

Direct Digital proposed a thick calendar of five sections, Exhibition, Live Media, Workshop and Cinema in order to show a detailed perspective of the most recent developments of art and creativity linked to the use of digital technologies. The event, at its first edition, aimed at becoming a benchmark for those who are interested in knowing, proposing and creating moments of meetings between contemporary art and digital innovation.