SUPSI, University of Applied Sciences and Arts – Lugano

Master of Advanced Studies in Interaction Design (MAIND)

School Year 2013-2014

Lecturer Marco Mancuso

Marco Mancuso was called by Massimo Botta to lead a class about art-technology-scienze at the Master of Advanced Studies in Interaction Design he leads at SUPSI in Lugano.

With the general term “New media art”, the course is referring to a very large art scene that has a common central point in using new digital technologies. The subsets of “New media art” that have sprung up in recent years, may be all considered as individual and paradigmatic entities at least in relationship to specific technologies but, at the same time, they can only together describe a whole movement that has developed in a spontaneous and irregular way, even strongly connected to underground art movements, hacking & coding visions, design challenges, technological and scientic developments, avant-guard traditions and pioneering experiences.

The Master of Advanced Studies in Interaction Design proposes different design and art modules and complementary topics. The program starts with a module composed by a series of workshops addressed to provide an overview on the theoretical, technical, methodological and practical skills of media art and interaction design discipline.


The course is based on a dynamic system of lectures, critical discourses and viewing of footage material aiming at giving the students a wide overview over the contemporary production of art and design with the use of digital technologies and their impact on contemporary media society and open culture

The course has a deep historical-critical approach: in fact, it offers a series of means enabling students to better understand contemporary pieces of art through a disciplinary-critical path which, thanks to the analysis and the study of a pretty wide range of works during the different lessons, divided into practices and disciplines; leads from works of the avant-guarde and experiments of last centuries to the current media experimentation.

“New media art” is a genre that encompasses artworks created with new media technologies, including audiovisual, computer graphics, computer animation, virtual art, internet art, interactive art technologies, software art & game art, computer robotics, nano & biotechnologies, open source, telepresence, surveillance, corporate parody, hacktivism. It “New Media Art” does not appear as a set of homogeneous practices, but as a complex field converging around three main elements:

– the art system

– the scientific and industrial research

– the software/hardware and free/open cultures

– the political-cultural media activism

Course structure

Internet: from net art to networking platforms in art, design and society (4 hours)

Audiovideo: the sound-image affair and the contemporary expressive forms (4 hours)

DIY: the open culture, artistic hacking and the hardware revolution (4 hours)

The Code: software art, generative graphics e game cultures (4 hours)

Interaction: the dialogue among machine, body and the new ipermedia spaces (4 hours)

Science: liminal territories among experimentation, collaboration, design and applied sciences