NABA, Nuova Accademia di Belle Arti – Milan

Scuola New Technologies for the arts

A.A. from 2017-2018 – ongoing

Teacher Marco Mancuso

Marco Mancuso was called by Emanuele Lomello to hold the class of “Digital Cultures / New Media Art” at the Nuova Accademia di Belle Arti in Milan, in the academic year 2017-2018. The course is based on a dynamic system of lectures, critical discourses and viewing of footage material aiming at giving the students a wide overview on the contemporary artistic production with the use of digital technologies.

Course description:

The course is articulated through a critical and historical journey across all the territories of artistic experimentation that have featured the last thirty years of evolution of those practices and disciplines that fall within the field of contemporary New Media Art. These are characterized by a very strong technological evolution in the field of software, hardware, networks and science that has led to an increasingly interdisciplinary universe: from videogames to net art, from the creative use of code to software art, from interaction to the man-machine relationship, from architectural research to the impact of urban planning in our cities, from open culture to Do It Yourself, from product design to fashion design and wearables, from sound studies to the sound-visual relationship, from research in the field of medicals to the relationship between man and nature, from experiments in the field of robotics to the new frontiers of artistic machine learning.

The course is also designed to provide students with a unique and complete overview – provided by the Digicult platform experience – over the main production centers, media and research centers, festivals, galleries and exhibition spaces, prizes and residences that over the past few years have internationally contributed to the production of Media Art and to the dissemination of what is contemporary Digital Culture. Such a mapping represent a unique and unavailable source of information, in order to understand not only the complexity of the phenomena but to have a research tool that can constitute a vademecum for the future.

Course program:

– Digicult: online platforms and networking for New Media Art & Culture

– New Media Art: disciplines, experimentations, languages, markets, professionals

– Internet: web art, hacktivism and open platforms

– Coding: free softwares for generative art, parametric design and data visualization

– Object:, interaction design, product design, fashion design and DIY culture

– Architecture: urban spaces, locative media and environment interaction

– Art+Science: bio art, robotics, machine learning and the new frontiers of AI