08 / 05 / 2008 – 14 / 05 / 2008

Curated by Marco Mancuso

Galleria O’ – Milan

Thorsten Fleisch is a unique personality in video-art, he provides a living answer to the theories of interpenetration between experimental cinema, audio-visual techniques, video-art, work modalities including both analogical and digital techniques, new views of nature (including his own body) and the use of technologies as research tools.

Video works exposed: K.I.L.L. Kinetic Image Laboratory/Lobotomy (1999), Blutrausch/Bloodlust (1999), Silver Screen (2000), Superbitmapping (2000), Videoskin (2001), Hautnah/Skinflick (2002), Más Fuerte (2003), Gestalt (2003), Friendly Fire (2003), Kosmos (2004), Energie! (2007).

While on tour in Italy curated by Marco Mancuso, Thorsten Fleisch attended the Dissonanze Festival on Friday 8th May at the Ara Pacis structure, as part of the partnership project between Digicult and Dissonanze festival. Here, the artist presented a 1-hour selection of his best audio-visual works. Then on Tuesday 13th May, Thorsten Fleisch went also to talk about his technique and work modalities at the Naba – Nuova Accademia di Belle Arti in Milan within the “Languages of Multimedia Arts” course held by Marco Mancuso. Finally, on the following day Wednesday 14th May), the artist presented a selection of videos, short films and pictures of the work Energie at the O’ gallery in Milan. The event was followed by a talk with the artist about his works.

Fleisch’s favourite themes are the relation between body, nature, matter elements and technological instruments: “Energie!”, where an energy beam of electrons is impressed on photographic paper; “Kosmos”, “Friendly Fire”, where the combustion process of filmstrips is visualized; “Silver Screen”, where the alteration of light and perspective parameters on a sequence of paper sheets causes unexpected audio-visual dynamics; “Bloodlust”, where the same artist’s blood draws patterns under the effect of a video projector with an optic sound; “Videoskin; SkinFlick”, where a beam of rays emitted by a TV screen is visualized by watching closely the effects on skin.

16mm shooting techniques join the ability to customize digital software and HD techniques, fascination for fourth dimension theories and quaternary fractals, in order to describe imaginary universes, whose visualization is the artwork itself (as in “Gestalt” and “Dromosphere”).

Thorsten Fleisch was born in 1972 in Koblenz, Germany, but has been living in Berlin for a long time. He is a protagonist, thanks to works presented on his own or together with the Pro Artis team during the main events connected with experimental cinema; his movies have been screened, for instance, at the New York Film Festival, Sarajevo Film Festival, Milano Film Festival, Int. Film Festival Rotterdam, European Media Art Festival, Melbourne Int. Film Festival and many more.