14 – 18 / 03 / 2007

Curated by Marco Mancuso – Silvia Bianchi (Vjcentral.it)

Optronica Festival 2006

Digicult and VJcentral.it have collaborated as guest curator for Optronica Festival (London) producing the video-installation (at the Optronica Lounge area) and screening-DVD “Italians Do It Better, an overview of some of the most innovative Italian audiovisual artists working on the concept of AV experimental electronic synesthesia and the eclectic use of codes and softwares.

The DVD is made of 6 different videoclips, created by 6 different Italian audiovisual artists. Each videoclip will be focused on the whole and radical link between audio and video, with an approach both minimal/graphic and narrative.

Artists included in the screening: Elec, Kinotek, Mylicon/En, Tez, Quayola and Otolab

In the last years, the Italian situation of audiovisual and multimedia live performances is radically changed. From the first pioneers to a wider range of electronic musicians, visual artists, graphic designers, digital animators, djs and vjs, the state of the art is at the moment very interesting and internationally renowed.

Many new events, festivals and club nights is emerging all over the country, following the new trend around new media and digital art and communication forms. At the same time, many of these artists, for many inside reasons, have not many chances to show their projects and works outside of Italy, in the main international festivals and contests. We are not speaking about some few and spot chances of course, but of a whole and radical movement that in the last years grown up, had its experiences, shared its contents and that is now ready to show itself internationally.

In “IDNLNY” by Elec, visual objects are programmed in action-script while the audio signal is converted into numerical values that function as oscillators. In Kinotek‘s “Linfa”, the artist developed his own software for real-time video processing and sound analysis and in “Portobeseno” artists Mylicon/En play with all manner of video stills, photographs and Super8 movies.

“CF#1_1” by Tez calls his work a “procedural video composition” in which custom software generates an ever-changing video-painting that reacts in real time to a multi-channel sound composition. “151.05” by Quayola is a video in which each layer of the 126bmp audio track has its own specific animation. Finally, Otolab‘s “Field” is a generative video in which the 3D space is formed from short-wave signals and interferences.