A project by Marco Mancuso

“Che Fare” competition of 100.000 Euro

“Fracty” is a project submitted by Digicult at “Che Fare” Italian fund: a private fund giving sources to new ideas that could be able to face the economical crisis, general cuts to culture, economy breakdowns, using online networking systems, peer-to-peer tools and instruments, open source technologies.

Project description: “Fracty / Trasformazioni Affini. A peer economy around culture”

“Fracty” is an on-line platform, a meeting point between supply and demand of cultural and artistic production in the context of digital technologies applied to contemporary creativity. The project is inspired by the structure of fractals, to give life to a complex economic – cultural system which arise from the modularity of the individual systems that compose it, and that it is by its very nature, scalable and replicable.

“Fracty” aims to develop a correspondence between: investors (private and public) in the world of IT , art and culture – the digital creative industry professionals – students in training. The portal has the aim of developing innovative projects and contribute to a meritocratic and egalitarian redistribution of economies that underlie the production of a cultural object.

The platform will allow forms of direct interaction among users, in order to propose the sharing of project requirement , suggest the creation of cultural and artistic models , fueling the search for new meritocratic working collaborations.