Established in 2005 Digicult is one of the main international platforms investigating the impact of technologies and sciences on art, design and contemporary culture.

Discussing “The Question of Intelligence” with Curator Christiane Paul

The exhibition "The Question of Intelligence: AI and The Future of Humanity", which should have run from the 7th of February to the 8th of April at the Sheila C. Johnson Design Center at Parsons/The New School in New York, engaged with the relationships that humans sustain with machines and vice versa and brought insights on artificial intelligence's bias and potential in unlocking new opportunities. Report and interview by Marie Chatel... READ MORE...

Broadcasting alienation: interview with Laura Yuile

ASSET ARREST is a podcast series set around the viewing of different luxury properties led by artist Laura Yuile, who poses as a potential buyer. In her work, she explores notions of the domestic and the urban through the intimate (or public) matters of living together, and the effects of globalization and technological development upon living space itself. Interview by Fabiola Fiocco.... READ MORE...

Mario Savini: Arte transgenica. La vità è il medium

A cosa ci riferiamo quando parliamo di arte transgenica? In questo panorama spinoso, che più di tutti lega a doppio filo arte e scienza, filosofia e biotecnologie, questioni giuridiche e tabù ancestrali cerca di fare ordine il libro di Mario Savini “Arte transgenica: la vita è il medium”, edito nel 2018 da Pisa University Press.... READ MORE...

Digicult Agency curates exhibitions, events, workshops, educational activities, publications, lectures and meetings, giving consultancy on communication strategies and digital publishing tools.

Digimag Journal is an interdisciplinary publication seeking high-standard articles and reviews that focus on the impact of the last technological and scientific developments on art, design and contemporary society.

Digicult Editions is a publishing initiative whose goal is to be active in the publication of the Digimag Journal and critical and theoretical books. Digicult Edition uses all the tools of a contemporary digital publishing.

Latest Post

Machine and Mind, Rethinking Affect

We live in a world where technologies are increasingly blurring the boundaries of affect, between man and machine. As technology becomes more integrated into our lives, will we become more integrated into technology? Article by Claire Burke... READ MORE...

“The Botanical Mind Online”, a new online project about the significance of the plant kingdom to human life

Humanity’s place in the natural order is under scrutiny as never before, held in a precarious balance between visible and invisible forces: from the microscopic threat of a virus to the monumental power of climate change. Camden Art Centre has launched this online programme of new artist commissions, podcasts, films, texts, images and audio, expanding on and enriching the ideas and issues informing the show.... READ MORE...

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