Established in 2005 Digicult is one of the main international platforms investigating the impact of technologies and sciences on art, design and contemporary culture.

“Line in the sand”, intervista a Daniele Spanò

"Chaos & cosmos" è il titolo dal carattere universale della tredicesima edizione del CYFEST, che anche quest’anno come di consueto parte da New York. Tra le numerose proposte artistiche la curatrice internazionale Isabella Indolfi, presenta la videoinstallazione di Daniele Spanò, "Line in the sand". Intervista di Caterina Tomeo... READ MORE...

Giving images new lives. Interview with Kensuke Koike

What can be the role of abandoned photographs, which after a certain time cease to have their original intention? Teresa Ruffino interviews Kensuke Koike, a visual artist that, with a calibrated manipulation, transforms in an alchemic way the matter he comes across to create something new.   ... READ MORE...

Mario Savini: Arte transgenica. La vità è il medium

A cosa ci riferiamo quando parliamo di arte transgenica? In questo panorama spinoso, che più di tutti lega a doppio filo arte e scienza, filosofia e biotecnologie, questioni giuridiche e tabù ancestrali cerca di fare ordine il libro di Mario Savini “Arte transgenica: la vita è il medium”, edito nel 2018 da Pisa University Press.... READ MORE...

transmediale: new Artistic Director – deadline: 06/01/19

The transmediale Artistic Director’s central responsibility is the formulation of festival's artistic vision and its implementation on a content and structural level. The position requires the ability to critically examine topics at the intersection of art, technology, science, society.... READ MORE...

Digicult Agency curates exhibitions, events, workshops, educational activities, publications, lectures and meetings, giving consultancy on communication strategies and digital publishing tools.

Digimag Journal is an interdisciplinary publication seeking high-standard articles and reviews that focus on the impact of the last technological and scientific developments on art, design and contemporary society.

Digicult Editions is a publishing initiative whose goal is to be active in the publication of the Digimag Journal and critical and theoretical books. Digicult Edition uses all the tools of a contemporary digital publishing.

Latest Post

“Sonya Rapoport: biorhythm”, a 21st century portrait

Charting her transition from modernist painter to ground-breaking conceptual artist, Sonya Rapoport: biorhythm provides an in-depth look at the artist’s output from 1974–83, a pivotal decade that marked a major shift in her work from abstract painting to the incorporation of emerging computer technologies.... READ MORE...

“Human Learning”. It’s time to think about the “mechanical”

Human Learning. What Machines Teach Us is an exhibition that documents the world using the technologies that shape it. The works in the exhibition feature a large variety of styles: interactive devices that make us learn their playabilities, generative installations whose processes are entirely autonomous and digital creations made out of digital forms.... READ MORE...

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