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Brainstorming and AI for a visionary future

On Saturday 21st of November 2020, from the Sala Fucine OGR in Turin, in live in streaming on Zoom and Youtube, 2500 under 35s met in a digital event lasting 10 hours in the form of a collective brainstorming around to the topic “Which Borders in the New World?”. The objective of the Visionary Days project-event, now in its fourth edition, is to concretize the ideas... READ MORE...


STEAM Atelier is pleased to share its first ebook, free and bilingual, distributed by publisher Noema: "Art and digital creativity for the construction of a complex immaginary". The ebook, first of its kind in Italy, brings together STEAM theories and techniques, and it has been possible as part of the STEM2020 call and thanks to the winning project BEcoming... READ MORE...

Digimag Journal is our online publication seeking articles, interviews and essays that focus on the impact of the technological and scientific research on art, design and contemporary culture.

Digicult Editions is our publishing initiative whose goal is to be active in the publication both of Digimag Journal and critical and theoretical books. Digicult Edition uses all the tools of a contemporary digital publishing.

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Taste The Unknown Landscape

Taste The Unknown Landscape is an urban expedition and multi-sensory taste experience in which De Onkruidenier, in collaboration with French food designer Céline Pelcé, challenges the visitor to train for a salty future. What do we feel, taste and experience when we expose ourselves to the taste of foam from the sea?... READ MORE...